Single Sitting Root Canal

Single Sitting Root Canal

Go from painful tooth to a happy smile in a matter of 25 minutes. The pioneer in Endodontics at VIVA perform painless, bloodless Root Canal Treatments in a single sitting.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

RCT’s are performed to relieve the pain of tooth caused by inflammation or infection. With use of modern rotary techniques and Apex locators, most patients today report improved comfort levels during and after the procedur

Root canal treatment is required in the cases when the
* infection occurred has spread to the deeper levels of a tooth.
* Degeneration of the pulp occurs once it attracts infection to it.

Due to the use of rotary instruments and progress in Ni-Ti files, the total time required to complete the procedure is around 45-70 minutes.

Gradually, you can start using that side for active eating.

After root canal treatment you are given a printed instruction list to follow.

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