Does a root canal need a crown?

Root canal treatment is a dental treatment given to severely damaged or infected tooth. When you are at a risk of losing your beautiful and natural teeth then to go ahead with a root canal treatment will prove you right. This treatment involves the removal of damaged area of the tooth or the pulp in cavity or cracked tooth and hence is cleaned following by filing and sealing it.
It is always recommended by the dentists to seal the tooth by the process of crowning. It adds to the life of tooth and hence it remains stronger for a longer period of time. To get a crown is very important to strengthen the makeup of tooth, after a successful root canal. If a tooth gets infected once, then there still remains some chance of infection even after the root canal treatment. Teeth with deep cavities and severe infection are still weak and often need further strengthening by crowning the teeth. Crowning reduces the chances of further infection to almost null. Teeth remain stronger, if sealed after root canal treatment. It prevents contaminants from dribbling past the filling material and into the structure of root and hence protects the teeth from additional damages. Crowning just acts as a finishing touch after a Root Canal Treatment is carried out.
Crowning or sealing a tooth becomes the barrier for bacteria to further infect the tooth. To crown a tooth is just similar to take insurance which primarily seems like a money snatcher but then performs like a big helper. It shows its benefits after some time, when you discover that your teeth are still healthy because of crowning. At times, when the crack is very minute or have a very little cavity, then dentists never suggest crowning the teeth after root canal treatment as problems just get solved by silver fillings or material fillings only. But when cavity is severe then you should never avoid it.
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