Chemical Peel Treatment in Noida

If you are suffering from skin dullness, uneven skin tone and pigmentation etc. then chemical peel is one of the most effective skin treatment. Our state of the art Chemical Peel solutions help improve skin texture and complexion to enhance the skin’s overall appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Chemical peeling is a popular skin treatment at Viva Dental & Skin Clinic Noida. Even the mild or superficial peel makes the skin visibly smooth and reduces the uneven skin tone considerably. The skin appears brighter and softer after a chemical peel treatment in Noida at our clinic. The chemical peel removes the outer layer of skin to reveal a clearer, brighter new skin underneath. The solution applied to the skin makes it exfoliate itself and peel off eventually. The patient is advised not to peel the skin on their own as this can lead to scarring, the skin will eventually heal on its own. Here are all the answers you might need before getting a chemical peel treatment in Noida at our clinic. 

  • Acne Scars
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dull skin 
  • Melasma (dark patches due to pregnancy)
  • Pigmentation, freckles etc.
  • Superficial – It is also known as the mild peel. This is the most commonly performed chemical peel as it gives the best results and recovery time is almost negligible. In this superficial peel procedure, an eye gear is applied and the patient’s face is cleaned. After which an AHA (Alpha-hydroxy Acid) solution like salicylic acid is applied on the skin and removed after a while. A neutralising agent is then applied and the patient can go home after that. The skin will be red, dry and mildly irritated which will settle down within a few hours.  
  • Medium – In the medium chemical peels, the stronger chemical like glycolic acid is applied to the removed the outer as well as some of the middle layer of skin. The face is cleaned and the eye gear is applied. After which the glycolic acid is applied and removed after a set time period. The redness is a bit more and some swelling may also be there on the treated area. The patient is advised to use ice packs and have pain killers if required. The medium peel may take about 14 days to heal. 
  • Deep –  In the deep chemical peel, anaesthesia is needed as the deep layer of skin is removed with a strong acid. It may make the skin permanently sensitive to the sun, however, the results after healing are dramatic. The patient may feel deep throbbing pain during the recovery period which may take months. The swelling is on the higher side as compared to medium peels.
  • Don’t use retinol at least a week before the peel
  • Any medications you are taking must be informed
  • Don’t use any hair removal or hair bleach methods one week before the chemical peel procedure
  • It is best to avoid any over the counter scrubs or exfoliators before the treatment

It depends upon the type of peel you have gone through, however, mild redness and stinging sensation will be there during the peeling procedure. After the superficial peel procedure, you will have slight redness on the treated area which will go away within a few hours in most cases. Your skin will become absolutely normal within a few days. 

However, in medium and deep peels, the redness and swelling may take a few weeks to settle.


  • The exposure to the sun must be avoided for the prescribed period of time.
  • Apply ointments as per the doctor’s advice 
  • Don’t use any other product on your skin other than advised during the recovery period
  • Avoid make-up until a go-ahead is given
  • Wear only the prescribed sunscreen 

Mild peels require about a few sessions after an interval of 3-4 weeks until the desired look is achieved. A medium peel can be repeated after 6 months if required.

No, it is not recommended.

Fair-skinned and light-haired people who are not prone to cold sores are the ideal candidates for chemical peeling sessions. However, after taking a look at your skin and its concerns, a perfect and suitable treatment approach will be suggested.

These side-effects are temporary and they will go away as soon as the skin heals completely.


  • Skin becomes darker while healing but it will eventually come out cleaner and lighter and smooth
  • Swelling, redness during the recovery period.
  • Skin becomes more sensitive to the sun for a few weeks.

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