Does a root canal need a crown?

Root canal treatment is a dental treatment given to severely damaged or infected tooth. When you are at a risk of losing your beautiful and natural teeth then to go ahead with a root canal treatment will prove you right. This treatment involves the removal of damaged area of the tooth or the pulp in cavity or cracked tooth and hence is cleaned following by filing and sealing it.
It is always recommended by the dentists to seal the tooth by the process of crowning. It adds to the life of tooth and hence it remains stronger for a longer period of time. To get a crown is very important to strengthen the makeup of tooth, after a successful root canal. If a tooth gets infected once, then there still remains some chance of infection even after the root canal treatment. Teeth with deep cavities and severe infection are still weak and often need further strengthening by crowning the teeth. Crowning reduces the chances of further infection to almost null. Teeth remain stronger, if sealed after root canal treatment. It prevents contaminants from dribbling past the filling material and into the structure of root and hence protects the teeth from additional damages. Crowning just acts as a finishing touch after a Root Canal Treatment is carried out.
Crowning or sealing a tooth becomes the barrier for bacteria to further infect the tooth. To crown a tooth is just similar to take insurance which primarily seems like a money snatcher but then performs like a big helper. It shows its benefits after some time, when you discover that your teeth are still healthy because of crowning. At times, when the crack is very minute or have a very little cavity, then dentists never suggest crowning the teeth after root canal treatment as problems just get solved by silver fillings or material fillings only. But when cavity is severe then you should never avoid it.
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Why you need an orthodontic treatment?

Smile is a most beautiful thing on a person’s face. It is the way to show happiness, gratitude and warmth to others. A beautiful smile is admired and liked by everyone. It builds confidence in us to meet people, to present our views and ideas in front of others and thus a beautiful smile often signifies a great happiness in one’s life. But sometimes there exist something which resists us to put forward a beautiful smile in front of others. What could be the reason behind this? Why sometimes we find ourselves unconfident in front of others? Is there any reason which is forcing us to hide our smile? Yes, there is. Sometimes our unpleasant teeth resist us to present a confident smile in front of others. The crowded or crooked teeth hide a beautiful smile behind the bars of lack of confidence. Orthodontic Treatment works for the same. It straightens the teeth or shifts them into a better position. This can for sure improve their appearance and the way the teeth bite together, while also making them easier to clean. It is also helpful for the prevention of periodontal disease, improvement in teeth’s strength and good appearance of teeth. As with the growing age, our teeth can shift causing malocclusion and crowding. To overcome these problems, Orthodontic treatment is the best thing to trust over. If anyone is facing the problem of a “bad bite”, sooner or later this could cause unnecessary wear on his teeth and may cause discomfort, broken restorations, fractured teeth, sensitivity, and areas that are difficult to clean.

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Why You need a Bridal Smile Makeover?

Weddings are one of the best times in our lives. Especially for the brides to-be, who have been planning their wedding since their teens and invest their time, energy and money to look their best at their D-Day. Well, you check your clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories, bags etc. but didn’t you forget something most important? We are talking about your million dollar smile here.
Smile is something that adds an unparallel glow and charm on your face.  It is something that you are going to see in your wedding photographs for the rest of your life. So like every other thing in your check-list, don’t you want your smile to look perfect on your special day? Well it is not a very difficult task, you need to visit a good dental clinic and can get a bright smile.
Bridal Smile Makeover services include a variety of options and you can choose the one that suits you the best. Some of the options include:

  • Teeth Whitening:  The simplest and fastest way for a smile makeover is teeth whitening. This treatment just takes a couple of hours to complete and the results are outstanding. So get rid of problems like stains and discoloration and get a transformed and bright smile
  • Cosmetic Tooth Contouring: This process is used to correct the minor defects in the shape and appearance of the tooth without undergoing a painful treatment. It is just like getting your nails done’ you are getting beautiful results without any pain
  • Makeovers:  Smile makeovers are customized as per the requirements of the individuals. It could include a combination of treatments for getting the desired results. This treatment ensures you a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

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Are Dental Implants The Right Option For You?

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Smile is the best accessory that you can wear. A smiling face can brighten up your whole day. Teeth play a vital role in maintaining the beauty of this magical smile. The statistics says that more than half of the world’s population suffers from dental issues in their lifetime at some point or other. One of the major dental problems that people face is a lost tooth or a loose one. This problem can make anyone worry but the simplest solution to this problem is ‘Dental Implants”.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is like a tooth root; it is a titanium post that is positioned in the jawbone beneath the gums. Once this procedure is done, a replacement is mounted on it. Unlike dentures, dental implants do not come out lose and are also safe for oral health.

Dental implants are the most natural looking solution to lost teeth. The implants look closet to natural teeth and it even feel and function like natural one.

What are the Prerequisites for Dental Implants?

For anyone who has a missing tooth or a loose tooth, dental implants are the perfect solution. There are a few things that need to be considered before the treatment. The primary factor is healthy gums and adequate bones to support the implant. There are conditions when the jaw bones are too thin or soft or there isn’t enough bone height, then treatments like bone graft and sinus lifts are done before the implants. So, always consult with your dentist before planning the implant.

The process of implant is different for every case and therefore the process time may vary from patient to patient. In usual cases, the implant gets healed within 3-4 months and then the tooth can be placed on the implant. For such procedures, you always need an expert advice and services.

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