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Acne Scar or Pimple marks can dull your skin and subdue your true beauty. Our micro-needling and Laser Acne Scar Removal treatment lead to dramatic improvement in acne scars. Look and feel beautiful with the assistance of VIVA team of Experts and our Best Acne Scar Treatment in Noida.



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Frequently Asked Questions.

Acne scars can be of many types and appearance, they may be pitted, dark, elevated, or even hyperpigmented in some cases. Viva clinic has been successfully removing these acne spots or pimple scars with our latest laser equipment and micro-needling techniques. These types of acne scars can not be removed via home remedies or over the counter medicines/ointments. These scars appear due to a disruption in the skin’s collagen formation. The collagen helps in making the skin supple, glowy, and even-toned with no pits and scars. So only professional skin treatments like laser resurfacing are the answer to these scars that can give you clear and glowing skin. 

Acne Scars – why do they occur?

Picking the pimples, squeezing them and other harsh treatments make the acne more likely to leave scars. Inflammatory acne is more likely to leave scars than any other type of acne. The appearance of acne scars on the face or other areas of skin sometimes leads to insecurity and a sense of low-confidence in people. This is why treating acne scars become very important, Viva Clinic provides the best laser treatment for acne scars in Noida.  

Atrophic Scars – These scars form due to a lack of collagen formation while healing the acne. Most atrophic scars have a pit or indentation. 

  1. Box Scar – These have a flat underlying area that looks like chickenpox scars. 
  2. Ice Pick – They are deep scars that appear like a hole or a deep pore in the skin. They are named ice pick because it looks as if an ice pick has pricked them. 
  3. Rolling Scars – This type of scars have no defined borders, and they are present on the cheeks in most cases.

Hypertrophic Scars or keloids – These types of scars are elevated that may appear like active acne. But it is a scar that forms due to an excess collagen formation.

The shallow scars get treated earlier than the deep pitted ones. The most popular and effective treatment methods of acne scar removal in Noida at Viva are – 


Laser Treatment for Acne Scar Removal in Noida


Laser treatment is a type of laser resurfacing that induces collagen formation in the skin. The outer layer of the scar is removed via laser. This ultimately leads to new skin cell formation which fills the depressed or pitted scars as well. The laser resurfacing is the best treatment for those who want faster results as some patients can see the visible difference in their scar right after the first laser sitting. Also, a laser provides a permanent solution to acne scars as compared to other treatment methods. We at Viva provide the best laser acne scar removal treatment cost in Noida as we believe in genuine price and genuine treatment policy. 

Microneedling Treatment for Acne Scar Removal In Noida


Micro-needling works amazingly well for deep and pitted acne scars. The scar is treated with the micro-needling technique that gives the skin a message to create new skin cells. This in turn stimulates new cell growth in the scarred area thereby healing the scar tissue with new cells. Multiple sessions of micro-needling are required for deep and old scars.


Both the methods of acne scar removal at viva dental clinic Noida, laser resurfacing, and micro-needling create natural scar removal. As the patient’s skin forms new skin and collagen, it is a more natural and permanent form of scar removal treatment than other methods such as skin grafting, etc. Also, these methods don’t create any big wound on the skin, unlike other scar removal methods. This is why the healing is faster and results are always promising. 


  • Use the prescribed sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun.
  • Apply the ointments as advised, religiously to ensure faster healing and permanent results.
  • Avoid the sun rays till the time redness from the treatment remains on your skin.
  • Avoidance of stress, following a healthy diet and lifestyle, will prevent any active or new breakouts from coming. 
  • Picking and squeezing of acne scars or pimples are not advised at all.
  • Do share any medications, allergies, or any sort of medical details about you before starting the skin treatment.

No, you may feel some discomfort which will eventually go away.

Yes, the deeper, pitted and old scars require more collagen formation than the shallow or new scars. It depends upon the type of scar as well. 

No, it is advised to let the active acne settle before any acne scar removal treatment is started.

Yes, the results that have come with the laser or micro-needling treatment are permanent. However, any new acne can leave new scars with time, requiring another treatment.

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