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We are Viva Wellness, a single window for all your Dental and Cosmetology requirements.

Being Established as one of the most prolific Dental & Cosmetology Clinic in Noida.

Viva Dental established 4 years ago, we started small, however due to the constant efforts of Dr Vasundhara, Viva Dental has grown leaps and bounds to become the torch bearer is some advanced dental treatment and procedures.

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Dental Treatments provided
by Viva Dental & Cosmotelogy Clinic Noida

Be it the Dental cavities or a decaying tooth, our single sitting root canal treatments is the best RCT treatment in Noida.

Tooth removal has never been a pleasant experience, but at Viva, you will have a painless extraction treatment without doubt!

Our affordable and natural-looking dental implants are one of the best implants available in India. Teeth that look and feel natural!

Have uneven spaces or yellow teeth or any other concern that stops you from smiling? We are the smile makers!

Don't get embarrassed by the protruding, crowded or uneven spaced teeth anymore. Choose from the ceramic, metal and invisalign dental braces!

Dental diseases must be treated well in time in order to provide faster treatments and prevent any complications.

When Skin Matter's We Handle most Skin Matters

At Viva you can expect a lot of delicate care from the Best Skin Experts in Noida.

Skin & Cosmetology Treatments & Services
provided by Viva Dental & Cosmetology Clinic Noida

Don't lose your confidence with your hair. We have the best Hair Transplant treatments in Noida.

Wart & Moles Removal Treatment

A big mole on your face giving you troubles?Warts and Moles can be removed easily and don't need a particular recovery period in most cases.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Unwanted facial or body hair troubling you? Get rid of them once and for all! Laser Sessions made easy.

Dermabrasion Treatment

Acne scars and uneven skin tone can be easily treated with our micro-dermabrasion treatments. See the effect after the 1st session!

hydra / Aqua Facials

Gone are the days for parlor-facials. Get that bridal glow with our aqua facials and super-hydrate your skin for your big Day.

Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peels remove the outer layer of the skin thereby revealing the young, clear and glowy skin from within. Get a chemical-peel and see the difference!

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