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Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Treatment

Clean and white teeth are one of the most important aspects of an impressive personality. Tooth cleaning and whitening are one of the most essential and super effective treatment done by dentists.


We perform the safest whitening agents on your teeth and also make sure that you get surprised and happy with your sparkling white teeth.

Here is a brief of the procedure of cleaning and whitening process.

1. Examination – Whole mouth is examined first for the checking of deposits and stains.

2. Scaling/Cleaning – First of all the scaling is done with an ultrasonic scaler. It includes removing plaque, calculus or any other deposits from each and every tooth. The ultrasonic scaler removes plaque as well as kills bacterias in one go.

3. Teeth whitening – After clearing the deposits, the whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide are applied on your teeth.

4. Light Treatment – To enhance the process of whitening and to achieve perfect results, the teeth are treated with light for a specific period of time.

5. Enjoy Your Look – After a few minutes, the whitening agents are removed. You can enjoy your new look of your pearly whites in less than an hour! Good news is that it’s completely safe and harmless!

Question 1. Is the teeth scaling/cleaning and whitening treatment painful?

Answer. Not at all, the scaler just cleans your teeth with the help of vibrations and whitening agents are used for a controlled period of time after checking the sensitivity of your teeth.

There is no pain sensation involved in any of these procedures.

Question 2. How much time will the both procedures take?

Answer. It depends largely on the amount of deposits and the stains you have. Roughly it takes less than an hour.

Question 3. How many sessions will be required?

Answer. Again it depends upon the condition of your teeth. Mostly it is not more than 2 sessions.

Question 4. Can I use these whitening agents at home?

Answer. It is advisable to use them only under professional care as they can harm your teeth if used for more than the prescribed time and quantity. Sometimes home trays will be provided with clear instructions in cases of severe staining.

Question 5. Till when will the results last?

Answer. Normally the results of whitening last from 6 months to 2 years.

Question 6. How should I take care of my teeth after the procedure?


  • Brush and floss daily two times a day.
  • Avoid highly pigmented food and candies
  • Use straw for aerated drinks and wines
  • Devote at least 2 minutes for brushing to avoid any deposits/plaques or calculus.

Question 7. Is there any side effects of the scaling and whitening?

Answer. No, there are not any.

Question 8. What are the benefits of scaling?

Answer. Regular Scaling (every 6 months) prevents you from any gum or other dental disease. Keeps your mouth healthy and free from bacteria.

So that You can enjoy a disease free oral health!