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Here are the steps involved in the process of veneers application :

  1. Examination and Treatment Plan setting – First, we examine the teeth of the patient and check out the irregularities and the problem areas. We provide the best veneer option for them. Two options are resin composite and porcelain veneers.
  2. Tooth preparation – The teeth will then be prepared, wherein about half millimeter of the enamel (outer covering of teeth) is removed. We ensure that the process is painless so we spray local anaesthetic on your teeth beforehand.
  3. Impressions – After the teeth preparation, the impressions of the teeth are taken. These impressions are then sent to lab for the making of veneers.
  4. Veneers Application – Veneers are applied to the teeth with a dental cement but before that the teeth are cleaned, polished and etched to ensure that the surface becomes a bit rough. As the rough surface provides best bonding and has the least chances of slipping. After fixing, they are treated with light to harden the cement further.
  5. Appearance Check – The Veneers are then checked for a perfect appearance. Bites are checked to prevent any chipping off of the veneer.

You can enjoy Your transformed look with the regular brushing and cleaning habits!

Question 1. What are Veneers used for?

Answer. Veneers are the best cosmetic makeover option available. Some functions that they perform are

  • Hiding the stained teeth
  • Treating the gap between two teeth.
  • Covering the damaged/crooked teeth
  • Teeth whitening
  • Improving the length of shorter teeth
  • Perfect smile makeover without dental braces etc.

Question 2. What are the types of veneers available?

Answer. Two types of veneers are there

  1. Porcelain Veneers – These require removing of enamel. They provide best appearance, hide stains perfectly. The process is irreversible.
  2. Resin Composite – These don’t require enamel removal so they just get fixed over your teeth with dental cement.

Question 3. How many sessions are required for the whole veneer fitting process?

Answer. 2 sittings are required mostly but not more than 3 in most cases.

Question 4. Till when the veneers last?

Answer. The life of a veneer is more than 7 years and can last up to 15 years too.

Question 5. What precautions need to be taken after getting the veneers fitted?

Answer. Some things that you should keep in your mind are:

  • Keep your brushing habits good and regular
  • Avoid having very hard food in the initial days of fitting
  • Don’t apply excessive pressure on your veneers.

Question 6. Can Veneers give me a perfect smile?

Answer. Yes, No matter how discolored and crooked your teeth are, Veneers are your life saver here. After getting them you will just flaunt your smile with proud!