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The root canal Treatment or commonly known as RCT treatment is one of the most common dental procedure. At Viva Dental Clinic, we are famous for our painless & affordable RCT treatment.

What is Root canal Treatment?

The bacterias, infected pulp, and pus are removed from your tooth cavity in the root canal treatment. The treatment includes removing the infected material from the cavity, then cleaning and sanitizing the passage and then applying the dental filling in it. The root is then locked with a dental cement seal and then a crown is applied. After the completion of the root canal treatment, the tooth works as good as other healthy teeth. Needless to say that it is painless and no longer sensitive to the hot or cold temperature.

How do I know that I need Root canal Treatment?

You are most likely to feel the symptoms like Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperature, a toothache, Pain while biting or chewing and dark spots on the tooth (this is sometimes spotted on x-ray accidentally), Pus discharge from a pimple like formation on your gum or pain from a chipped/fractured tooth etc.

These are the signs of a developing tooth cavity or an infection. The treatments of a cavity depend upon its severity. The treatment measures such as dental filling, Root canal treatment, and tooth capping are the most common ones to be used.

What are the reasons behind the Pulp infection that needs Root canal Treatment?

The most common reasons are the fracture of a tooth, deep-seated cavity, dental infection, gum infection that has spread to the tooth etc.

The important steps in the Root canal treatment procedures are as follows:

1. X-ray and Examination – The tooth is examined first for the signs of infection and an x-ray is taken to know the condition of the root. If the root is inflamed then the decision of Root canal treatment is taken with consent from the patient.

2. Local Anesthesia – Local anesthesia is given to make the patient relaxed and pain-free during the procedure. 

3. Root & Pulp removal – The nerve root of the tooth and the pulp is removed to clean the whole area and treat the infection. The canal is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to ensure that the reoccurrence of infection doesn’t take place.

4. Temporary filling – The Temporary filling is then filled inside the cavity that was made by clearing the infected pulp and nerve. This allows healing of the infection as well.

5. Gutta-percha and permanent filling – After that gutta-percha and dental cement are filled inside the cavity. This will be permanent.

6. Crowning or capping – The cap is then fitted over the permanent filling to give it a natural appearance just like other teeth.

The root canal treatment is over now, You can enjoy your hot and cold beverages without worrying about sensitivity and pain! Want to book an Appointment for your Root canal treatment, Book Appointment here!


Question 1. Why & when is root canal needed?

Answer. When the outer covering of your tooth is eroded due to the formation of cavities or any disease, the nerve endings are then exposed to the outer environment. Due to this, any change in the temperature of food or liquid will run a sharp pain or tingling sensation in your mouth.

Then Root canal is needed!

Question 2. What is basically being done in the RCT procedure?

Answer. As the nerves inside the tooth serve only the purpose of sensation in adults. So, they are removed and the void is filled with dental filling and then crowned up. It then functions like the normal tooth and the sensitivity is also treated.

Question 3. What are the symptoms of cavity inside a teeth?

Answer.  The most common symptom are hot and cold sensitivity and toothache.

Question 4. What care is needed after the Root canal treatment procedure?

Answer. Not any specific care. You should take care of your each and every tooth by brushing and flossing religiously in routine.

Question 5. Can I have hot and cold food and beverages after getting RCT done?

Answer. Of course you can! You can eat whatever you want, be it a frozen yogurt or a hot soup!