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Here is a brief of the every step performed to achieve a painless Extraction –

  1. Examination & X-ray – The tooth to be extracted is examined and x-ray is taken in order to check the damage and the condition of the root. The x-ray readings will give a clear idea about the extraction process.
  2. Local Anesthesia – The local anesthesia injection is given in the gum, so that you won’t feel any pain while extraction process.
  3. Extraction – The tooth is then extracted, by pulling it and moving sidewards. Most teeth come out easily as the causes behind extraction like infection and degeneration make them loose.
  4. Gauge pad pressure – The gauge is then applied on the site after removing the tooth. You can keep the gauge there for 30 minutes.
  5. Aftercare – You won’t feel any pain as pain killers will be given for a short period and the effect of anesthesia also remains for about a few hours.

Don’t worry, Getting extraction done is not a heroic job anymore. You will actually feel better after getting rid of an infected tooth, that to without any pain!


Question 1. Why does one need tooth extraction?

Answer. Tooth extraction is needed due to various reasons like

  • Gum Infection
  • Abscess formation
  • Tooth Infection
  • Accidental damage to the tooth
  • Degeneration of tooth
  • Painful eruption of wisdom teeth

Question 2. I am a diabetic, what precautions should I take before coming for extraction?

Answer. Diabetics should get their blood sugar checked before going for surgery. As increased blood glucose values can hamper the healing process after the surgery has been done.

Question 3. What to do after getting the extraction done?

Answer. Some of the measures that should be taken are as follows:

  • Have something cold like ice cream or shakes
  • Use ice pack outside your mouth
  • Try to eat easily chewable food and take it at normal temperature
  • Do gargles 3 times a day regularly with warm salted water

Question 4. What should be avoided before or after surgery?

Answer. Some things to avoid are:

  • Don’t Smoke before or after surgery at all (It delays healing and makes you prone to infection)
  • Don’t drink aerated drinks or soda after surgery
  • Don’t do binge eating before surgery, just stay light.

Question 5. Is there anything you want me to tell you before the tooth extraction?

Answer. We would like to know your existing diseases if any and the medicines you are taking for them.

Question 6. What are the alarming signs of infection post extraction?

Answer. If you are having fever or constant pain in your wound site then you should get it checked from us.

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