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The Dentures fitting procedure is as follows:

  1. Examination – Upon examination, the position of the teeth and the health of remaining teeth is determined. Which type of denture will be suitable for the patient is decided after considering all the aspects and expectations.
  2. Impressions – The impressions of the jaw will be taken along with the remaining teeth.
  3. Trial Dentures – The trial dentures, made up of wax/plastic are applied to the patient in the clinic and they will be checked for any error or discomfort issues. So that we can achieve a perfect fit in the final denture.
  4. Final Denture – The final denture will then be fitted to the patient and any kind of discomfort is again checked to ensure a smooth and functional experience.

After that you can enjoy eating like you used to with your natural teeth. We advise to start with soft food and proceed to a more hard food then.

Question 1. What types of dentures are there?

Answer. The dentures can be

  1. Complete – Whole set of teeth is replaced, from upper and lower jaw both.
  2. Partial – It is applied when some teeth are still there in the mouth. They can be applied by the use of bridges applied to the remaining teeth. Which then work as the anchors to get the denture fixed on them.

The other type of denture according to their placement is :

  1. Fixed – The fixed dentures, can be either implant based complete dentures or the bridge based partial dentures.
  2. Removable – The removable dentures are full/complete dentures which just snugly fit inside the mouth and are removable.

Question 2. What are implant based dentures?

Answer. The implant based dentures are one of the most stable and sturdy dentures available. Serve the same purpose as the natural teeth. A few metal posts are placed inside the jaw bone and the denture is then snugly fit on them. They act as the root of the denture and keep it in place forever.

Question 3. What are the precautions to be taken with removable dentures?

Answer. With removable dentures, you should take a few things into account:

  • Remove them and brush them properly
  • Don’t forget to give your mouth a good squish when dentures are out
  • You need to wear the dentures at night for a few days so that you can get accustomed to them, you can remove them after a few days.
  • Start with soft food and proceed to hard one.
  • If you get a click in the denture or feel loose, get it checked.

Question 4. What are the precautions for fixed dentures?

Answer. No specific precautions, just brush properly and start with soft food.

Question 5. What is the best option among fixed dentures?

Answer. Implant based dentures are the best fixed dentures available till date.

Question 6. Do dentures serve any other purpose other than biting?

Answer. Yes, they do! Such as improved facial appearance by making your face younger looking and less wrinkled!