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The process of smile correction with dental braces is as follows:


  1. Preparing your teeth – Your teeth will be prepared first, by scaling the deposits, cleaning them and taking the impressions of your mouth. These impressions will then serve as the guideline to make a treatment plan.


  1. Applying Braces – Applying braces is a painless process,  
  • some dental cement is applied on the front of the teeth (except in lingual braces) and then the brackets (small rectangular structures to hold the wire) are applied on each teeth.
  • They are then treated by the light in order to fix them there.
  • The arch wire will be threaded from the brackets and the ligatures(elastic or metal) are applied.


  1. Regular correction – The arch wires are reapplied or tightened every month. In order to give a proper correct pathway for the teeth.


  1. Removal of Braces – After the correct alignment is achieved. The wires and brackets are removed.


  1. Retainers – The retainers are given to the patient, which patient can remove of their own when required. We advise to wear the retainers for 6 months, in order to retain the achieved state and make it permanent.


Types of Braces


All these braces give the same result. They vary on just their level of cosmetic appearance as metal braces are most obvious, ceramics provide a teeth like appearance thus less noticeable and invisalign is not visible at all.


So here are the types:


  1. Metal Braces (Brackets are made of metal, most obvious appearance)
  2. Ceramic Braces (Brackets are white in color, made of ceramic, less visible than metal braces)
  3. Lingual Braces (these are applied on the inside of teeth, so they are not visible at all)
  4. Invisalign (They are transparent molds custom made for the patient, they are also invisible in appearance, more suitable for simple cases)

Question 1. How much time will the whole treatment take?

Answer. Whole treatment process takes somewhere around 6 months to 2 years, depending upon the severity of the case.

Question 2. Can adults wear braces too?

Answer. Yes, adults can wear braces too. They work at any age.

Question 3. What is the minimum age to get the Braces?

Answer. We start treatment after 12 years of age of the kid.

Question 4. Will the whole process be painful?

Answer. No, not at all. Applying and removing braces is painless. The patient can feel pressure for a few days due to wires.

Question 5. What precautions will be taken while having braces?

Answer. Some precautions should be taken

  1. Brush two times a day.
  2. Play sports with mouth guard or helmet.
  3. Avoid eating hard nuts and sticky and chewy food.
  4. Maintain proper oral hygiene.

Question 6. I have gap between my teeth, can dental braces correct that?

Answer. Yes, Dental braces can correct the gaps very well and in a very small period of time.

Question 7. My teeth are crowded and have cross bite too. Are Dental Braces a solution?

Answer. Yes, dental braces correct crossbites, overbites, underbites, crowding as well as malocclusions.

Question 8. Will my teeth remain as strong as they were before the treatment?

Answer Yes, they will be.

Question 9. Does correction of smile improves the appearance of face too?

Answer. Yes, you will see a huge difference in the appearance of your face. You can see that by clicking before and after images yourself.

Question 10. How many visits will be required?

Answer. Just one per month!