Does a root canal need a crown?

Root canal treatment is a dental treatment given to severely damaged or infected tooth. When you are at a risk of losing your beautiful and natural teeth then to go ahead with a root canal treatment will prove you right. This treatment involves the removal of damaged...

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Why you need an orthodontic treatment?

Smile is a most beautiful thing on a person’s face. It is the way to show happiness, gratitude and warmth to others. A beautiful smile is admired and liked by everyone. It builds confidence in us to meet people, to present our views and ideas in front of others and...

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Why You need a Bridal Smile Makeover?

Weddings are one of the best times in our lives. Especially for the brides to-be, who have been planning their wedding since their teens and invest their time, energy and money to look their best at their D-Day. Well, you check your clothes, shoes, makeup,...

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